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Brief aesthetic consideration: the face profile and the frame of the glasses

Scurt tratat de estetică: fizionomia și rama ochelarilor

The galsses and the physiognomy of the face

Whether we are women or men, we wear glasses for life or it is the first time, choosing the right eyewear frame is important. We have to feel good in our skin, we have to put our value.
Obviously, we do not have so many glasses to match the color of our shoes or shirts. So we have to choose carefully! Because the frames should be not only comfortable but also fit with the shape of the face and the color of the hair, skin and eyes.

Here are the criteria of the aesthetics and counsel of the family optometrist:
You have a square face if:

  • The length and width of the face are equal
  • Forehead is wide, square, pronounced
  • Maxillae are strong, square

The right eyeglass frame: the one with rounded or oval shapes that creates the appearance of stretching the face, highlighting the top of the eye and fitting the eyebrow.


Recommendation of the optometrist:

  • Round or oval shapes sweeten the square shape of the face.
  • Choose thin frames that do not clutter your face!
  • Ensure that the width of the frames is slightly larger than the width of the cheekbones.

You have an oval face if:

  • The length of the face is almost as long as half a face
  • The cheeks are slightly wider, rounded
  • The cheekbones are prominent
  • The shape of the jaw is curved
  • The forehead is slightly wider than the jaw

It is probably the most common shape of the face and is considered to be ideal.

Suitable eyeglass frame: Any!


Recommendation of the optometrist:

  • A thicker, square or rectangular frame, slightly larger than necessary, to show the shape of the cheekbones and to balance the usual jawline.
  • For ladies and gentlemen: it can have a bold shape such as “cat eyes” or “butterfly”.

You have a round face if:

  • The face is equal in length and width, not very large
  • The cheeks are full, rounded
  • The forehead is wide and as wide as the jaws
  • Fun, cheeks and jaw are rounded

The range of suitable glasses: the one that has sharp angles and shapes because they contrast with the shape of the face, defining it better and giving the impression of stretching it.


Recommendation of the optometrist:

  • Rectangular frames, more square than squares: any eye-catching eye is welcome!
  • Ensure that the bottom line of the frame is above the cheekbones.
  • For Ladies and Ladies: Choose frames with bold angular lines!

You have a heart-shaped face (sharp) if:

  • Forehead and cheeks are lighter
  • The face gradually narrows to the chin
  • The maxilla, chin and mouth are small

The right eyeglass frame: which will minimize the width of the top of the face, balancing it by accentuating the lower part of it


Recommendation of the optometrist:

  • Thin or contoured, small, rounded or slightly square shapes
  • Choose narrow frames!
  • Ensure that the frame is not wider at the top.

You have an elongated face if:

  • The face is longer than wide
  • Forehead is prominent
  • The cheekbones are raised

The right eyeglass frame: the one that will balance the widening of the face width.

Recommendation of the optometrist:

  • Larger, thicker and square frames balance the features of the face
  • The thick arms of the frame seemingly reduce the length of the face

If you have black or dark brown hair, darkened skin, olive then:
Suitable eyeglass frame: black, anthracite, dark brown, dark metal.

If you have blond hair, open complexion, blue eyes, green or gray then:
Suitable eyeglass frame: Light, light-gray or contoured metal.

If you have red or reddish brown hair, warm skin, brown, green or blue eyes then:
Suitable eyeglass frame: gold, copper, beige, amber-amber.

If you have white or grizzled hair, cold skin, eyes brown, gray or blue then:
Suitable eyeglass frame: black, silver, blue or tan.

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