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What is the life expectation of a contact lens?

You wear glasses, but would you like to give up on them? An alternative is soft contact lenses. But before you buy them you need to know some basic things about them, especially the fact that there are several types of contact lenses. Thus, there are disposable contact lenses, daily contact lenses, and contact lenses with a prolonged wear (two weeks, or a month).

Disposable contact lenses are very practical for occasional activities such as hiking, swimming, winter sports, trips, etc. These lenses are worn for a day and can be removed at any time, maximum at bedtime. They are very comfortable due to the high water content and the most practical, because there is no need for a solution for their maintenance or for storage. Also, this type of contact lens is considered to be the healthiest, the risk of eye infections being minimal due to the short time of wear. That significantly reduces the eye exposure to deposits that build up on the lens over time, and avoids possible allergies to preservatives present in solutions for their maintenance.

Another type of contact lenses, are daily wear contact lenses. Actually the same pair of contact lenses can be used for two weeks or a month. These lenses are removed every night, cleaned and stored overnight in the recommended solution. They are often chosen as a means of correction because they are less expensive than disposable ones.

Depending on the material they are made of, there are also long-range contact lenses that offer the possibility of wearing for 30 days without removing them at night. These are extended wear contact lenses.

However, wearing contact lenses overnight increases the risk of infections, no matter the type of lens. You can only sleep with your contact lenses only if the specialist advised you to do so.

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