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Why choose Best Optic ?

The most comprehensive and detailed eye check Minimum 25 minutes, 15 stages of the consultation; Binocular vision evaluation (3D); Measuring each individual eye parameter with iProfiler Zeiss
Prescribing any type of contact lens We practically correct any diopter, we are experts in the field for over 19 years.
Empathy, seriousness, professionalism, sincerity The values of each member of the Best Optic team.
Unique visual experience 3D customization for correlation between prescription, physiognomy and glasses; Large variety of frames and lenses for glasses; Self-assembling lab with cutting-edge technology for personalized glasses.
2 years of serenity for your eyes We are responsible: we assume for two years the correct prescription for glasses or contact lenses.
Collaboration with renowned ophthalmologists in Brasov and in the country

I am Gyuri Bodi and I present you my team!

Best Optic - from 2008 to the present

  1. 2008 – The establishment of Best Optic

    Opening Best Optic Vlahuta – center of excellence that sets the quality standard in patient services and the professional training for optometrists.

  2. 2010 – Best Optic develops

    Opening Best Optic Uranus

    Starts collaboration with Zeiss – worldwide leader in optics

  3. 2011 – Best Optic LAB

    Our own eye glass assembly lab, equipped with last generation 3D computerized equipment.

  4. 2015 – Best Optic Blue, a new concept in optometry

    • The first Zeiss Relaxed Vision Center in Romania
    • The largest Silhouette showroom in Romania
    • Orthokeratology – method of treatment and control of myopia
  5. 2018 – Best Optic Codlea

    • Opening the Best Optic Codlea Center

    2019 – Best Optic Zizinului

    • Opening the Best Optic Zizinului Center
  • Best Optic Blue - Bd. 15 Noiembrie, nr. 69
  • Best Optic Vlahuta - Bd. Al. Vlahuță, nr. 61
  • Best Optic Codlea - Str. Lungă, nr. 141
  • Best Optic Zizinului - Str. Zizinului, nr. 5

Best Optic Blue
Bd. 15 Noiembrie, nr. 69

Best Optic Vlahuță
Bd. Al. Vlahuță, nr. 61

Best Optic Codlea
Str. Lungă, nr. 141

Best Optic Zizinului
Str. Zizinului, nr. 5

Days since we work with love for your eyes
Unique patients consulted
Progressive lens glasses released
Contact lenses sold

Best Optic - day to day for your eyes

Best methods and technologies in optometry to provide you with the visual correction solution according to your needs, activities, expectations and budget.

The correct and complete diagnosis in 15 steps and at least 25 minutes.

Prescription based on investigations, advice on choosing frames and lenses.

Experts in contacting for over 19 years. Over 4000 contact lens carriers.

Zeiss Premium Partner

The best Zeiss lenses at affordable prices for you. Whatever the requirements of your eyes might be, ZEISS offers the solution. Optimizations for eyes, frame, face and the main daily activities.

Relaxed Vision Center

Investigations through last generation ZEISS technologies - UNIQUE IN ROMANIA
Execution of glasses made on a measured visual impression - SINGLE IN ROMANIA
Assessment of binocular vision and sensory perception - UNIQUE IN ROMANIA
Choice of frames from exclusive collections with the support of a 3D measuring terminal
Simulating different options with specific and dedicated softwares
Exceptional professional training of the specialists in Optometry & Optics.

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