Why say YES (also) to contact lenses?

If in January we said that this year’s resolutions should include an optometric check-up, this month we’re taking it a step further… how about changing your look too? How about saying YES to contact lenses?
They’re the ideal alternative to glasses, and can be a great help when you want complete freedom, and at the same time, see perfectly.

There are many advantages when it comes to wearing contact lenses. Here, in a nutshell, are seven benefits of them:

1. Increased comfort
First of all: increased comfort! It may seem uncomfortable to place a lens directly on your eyes, but it’s not, because they are designed to be comfortable. They’re made of a material that lets your eyes breathe, and depending on their type, will help you see perfectly for up to a month.

2. Full field of vision
Contact lenses allow full visual acuity and will allow you to see at any angle! You won’t have to turn your head to see sideways when driving, for example, while glasses block your peripheral vision.

3. They don’t break
While glasses frames can break when you play sports for example, or when they fall on the floor, contact lenses won’t suffer such accidents.

4. Ideal for exercise and sport
Are you an active person? Whether you like to run, play tennis or cycle, sports and exercise involve a lot of movement. This can become cumbersome when you wear glasses.
Even when swimming you can wear contact lenses, but only disposable ones.

5. They won’t affect your style
One of the main advantages of contact lenses is that they are not visible.
Choosing a pair of glasses for a stylish outfit, for example, can be difficult, which is something you don’t need to worry about when opting for contact lenses.

6. Complete freedom!

It may sound melodramatic, but glasses can influence some great moments in life! Think about it… How could glasses create a problem during your first kiss?

7. You can wear them whatever the weather

They won’t fog up, you’ll be able to wear any kind of sunglasses, in short you’ll be able to enjoy impeccable vision, no matter what the weather!

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