How do we get rid of foggy lenses with Contact Lenses?

How do we get rid of foggy lenses with Contact Lenses?

Have you ever been an observer of the blurring phenomenon of eyeglass lenses? It may not seem like a real discomfort, but as the protagonist of such a scene, I confess that it is extremely annoying.

Moreover, in the pandemic we have adopted the wearing of face masks as second nature. But as we eyeglass wearers know, wearing goggles and a mask is a challenge. Why? Because with every breath or word you breathe, a fog settles in that creates frustration…

  • What are the options for those facing this problem?

Today there is a modern solution that provides clear, comfortable and uncompromised vision. We don’t have to give up the mask, nor the quality of vision.

What is it? The use of contact lenses.

Given the obligation to wear a mask and the cold temperatures that favour the blurring of any spectacle lenses, contact lens wearers are at an advantage. We are now in a context where contact lenses are better than glasses.

They don’t fog up, they can’t fall out, they don’t restrict our field of vision and they are very comfortable.

Bear in mind that contact lenses do not necessarily replace glasses. The two solutions are complementary and not mutually exclusive. Of course there are exceptions which we will not discuss in this article, such as therapeutic lenses or those for slowing the progression of myopia.

  • But who can wear contact lenses?

The short answer is that anyone can wear contact lenses, regardless of age or occupation. Following an office visit, the eye care professional will recommend the right lenses for the problem you have and beyond.

As there are many different types of contact lenses, the recommendation will take into account dioptres, eye health, expectations and budget. So whether you have myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia, there’s a lens for you.

To eliminate any worries, you have the support of your optometrist 24/7.

You will receive all the information you need to make an informed choice and will be personally instructed on the fitting, removal and maintenance of the lenses prescribed, depending on their characteristics. Did I make you curious?

The first step is to book an appointment for a consultation!

Let’s not fool ourselves that we’re doing just fine.

Why say YES (also) to contact lenses?

Why say YES (also) to contact lenses?

If in January we said that this year’s resolutions should include an optometric check-up, this month we’re taking it a step further… how about changing your look too? How about saying YES to contact lenses?
They’re the ideal alternative to glasses, and can be a great help when you want complete freedom, and at the same time, see perfectly.

There are many advantages when it comes to wearing contact lenses. Here, in a nutshell, are seven benefits of them:

1. Increased comfort
First of all: increased comfort! It may seem uncomfortable to place a lens directly on your eyes, but it’s not, because they are designed to be comfortable. They’re made of a material that lets your eyes breathe, and depending on their type, will help you see perfectly for up to a month.

2. Full field of vision
Contact lenses allow full visual acuity and will allow you to see at any angle! You won’t have to turn your head to see sideways when driving, for example, while glasses block your peripheral vision.

3. They don’t break
While glasses frames can break when you play sports for example, or when they fall on the floor, contact lenses won’t suffer such accidents.

4. Ideal for exercise and sport
Are you an active person? Whether you like to run, play tennis or cycle, sports and exercise involve a lot of movement. This can become cumbersome when you wear glasses.
Even when swimming you can wear contact lenses, but only disposable ones.

5. They won’t affect your style
One of the main advantages of contact lenses is that they are not visible.
Choosing a pair of glasses for a stylish outfit, for example, can be difficult, which is something you don’t need to worry about when opting for contact lenses.

6. Complete freedom!

It may sound melodramatic, but glasses can influence some great moments in life! Think about it… How could glasses create a problem during your first kiss?

7. You can wear them whatever the weather

They won’t fog up, you’ll be able to wear any kind of sunglasses, in short you’ll be able to enjoy impeccable vision, no matter what the weather!

I’m waiting for you to convince yourself of the benefits of contact lenses during the weekend dedicated to them, on 15 and 16 February, in the Best Optic Zizinului centre! Attendance is free but requires an appointment on 0771 224 466

Lentilele de contact nu au vârstă

Contact lenses have no age

Age and contact lenses

Nowadays, contact lenses are becoming more and more popular and millions of people around the world choose to correct their vision defects, contact lenses becoming a good ally for a perfect vision regardless of age.

Can my baby wear contact lenses?

The human eye can tolerate contact lenses from childhood. There are cases in which babies are prescribed contact lenses to solve the treatment of congenital conditions. One of the key factors in determining whether contact lenses are right for your child is assessing the child’s responsibility and willingness to wear them.

It is important for parents to evaluate how the child performs daily hygiene, if he is tidy and closely follows daily duties. Also, the child has to demonstrate the ability to apply / remove contact lenses without too much difficulty, and to clean and disinfect the lenses on his own.

Most of the time, the little ones are enthusiastic about the idea of wearing contact lenses at the expense of glasses. In addition, wearing contact lenses improves the self-confidence of children. When they become aware that they need correction, they wonder whether the glasses will fit them, how much they will change their physical appearance, and especially what the other children will say at school. The idea of wearing contact lenses encourages them in most cases to accept the optical correction, which is an extremely important aspect in the development of vision.

One of the most important benefits of contact lenses is to obtain a wide field of vision, unrestrained by the eyewear frame. They also do not sneeze, not slip away from the face, and remain more stable when the little ones run, being ideal for children who practice sports.

Adolescents and adults are the ones who most often enjoy the benefits of contact lenses, making them the majority of those who choose them as a means of correction.

After the age of 40, the sight almost drops, due to the loss of elasticity of the lens, and the objects at almost begin to be seen with difficulty, it being necessary to remove them so that they can focus. It is a natural process of evolution and is called presbiopia.

For contact lens carriers who are confronted with presbyopia, but also for those with a dynamic lifestyle, there is an effective solution. Multifocal contact lenses offer the freedom to carry out any activity that involves both remote and near vision without the need for glasses. The field of view is wide, without distortion, the view is impeccable even when moving from a distance to close and vice versa.

So with contact lenses, you can enjoy impeccable and comfortable viewing at any age, regardless of age, daily activities or hobbies you have.


NIGHT CONTACT LENSES or Myopia Management without glasses or contact lenses during the day

NIGHT CONTACT LENSES or Myopia Management without glasses or contact lenses during the day

With the advancement of technology and the change of our lifestyle from the outside, the phenomenon of myopia of the population also appears. Myopia is caused by the increase in the length of the eyeball, resulting in vision in the fog at a distance.

Specialists claim that myopia is not only a genetic cause, it can also be a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Some studies have shown that working close up, reading, computer work, tablet use, or mobile phones contribute increase the spread of myopia.

Nowadays, a growing number of children suffer from myopia. Myopia evolves as the baby develops, and a large myopia also increases the likelihood of cataract, glaucoma or the risk of retinal detachment, which in severe cases can lead to blindness. That’s why it is a good idea to have myopia corrected in time, and its evolution constantly pursued by specialists.

In addition to glasses or contact lenses for daytime wear, there is a very effective method for correcting and controlling myopia. This method uses night-vision lenses, adapted by a procedure called orthokeratology.

Myopia is determined by the increase in the length of the eyeball. Ortho-k contact lenses induce pressure on the cornea by flattening it. After wearing them at night, patients get clear view during the day without the need for glasses or daytime contact lenses.

Ortokeratology is not just for children. Adults can also benefit from this procedure, and the younger the patient, the better the results.

Most of the time, myopic patients say they would do whatever they do not have to wear glasses or contact lenses during the day, choosing as alternative night lenses. Thus, all activities, both business and recreational, can be carried out smoothly.

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