How do you SEE the New Year?

P.S. Do you remember when you were at the last optometric check?

January is the month of resolutions.

Did you know that ideally, every year you should go to the optometrist? This will help you to be sure that your eyes are the healthiest, although some of us have to visit the specialist more often. The vision can change quite a bit over the course of a year, especially for those who turn 50 and it is important to know how often you have to go out of control.

However, to help you, here are 8 signs that should prompt you to visit us:

  • Your eyes are red, dry, itchy or you see stains, “stars” or floating spots.
  • You have diabetes or a health problem that can affect your eyes. Also, if you have a family history of conditions such as diabetes or glaucoma, you may need to consult more often, especially after age 50.
  • You can’t remember when you were the last time at the office. If it’s been over a year, it’s time to schedule!
  • You have difficulty driving at night or seeing traffic signs in the dark.
  • After spending a long time in front of the computer, your eyes are red, you have a headache and / or blurred vision.
  • You get motion sick, you are dizzy or you have problems when pursuing a moving target.
  • You tend to keep the books further or close one eye so you can read clearly.
  • You suffered an accident or trauma to the head.

Schedule a visit to the optometrist for 2020. We are waiting for you at the cabinet!

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