How to Choose the Right Pair of Sunglasses Correctly.

The secret is choosing the right features for your eyes. When you make the investment decision in a pair of sunglasses, DO NOT forget about:

Type of activity you will use: fishing, skiing, driving, etc., but also by fashion trends.
Sunglasses are genuine tools for protection against ultraviolet radiation and have optical qualities that guarantee complete protection of the 100% UVA / UVB – in a long exposure to sunlight.
A good sunscreen is recognized by the fact that it does not reflect the light, that is, the wearer is not disturbed by the reflected images and the person in front of the glasses is not reflected in the lenses. This is not just an aesthetic circumstance, it protects your eyes and increases driving safety.
A check of the quality of the sunglasses can be done by each user on a repeating surface, such as tiles on the roof of a house.
Keep your pair of sunglasses a little distant and cover your eyes. Just look at a lens on the tile roof as you slowly move the glasses from the left to the right, then up and down. Roof tiles should remain uniform while you look at them. If they curl in any way, then the lenses do not meet one of the basic properties of the lens, namely the torsion of the lens in the frame mount.
The color of the lens: it depends on how faithful you will perceive the other colors around you and how you will see the contrasts.
– Green lenses are neutral, they reduce brilliance and do not distort color perception;
– The gray and brown lenses are also in this category;
– Yellow, golden and amber shades are suitable for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports.
A powerful sun glasses is the one with polarizing lenses.
Polarizing lenses – they are greatly suited both in summer and winter for all people with increased sensitivity to natural light, drivers and fishermen, because they enhance contrast, eliminate glare, do not influence color perception, provide 100% UV protection and great comfort in use.

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