WHY should you leave your eyes on our hand?

First of all because we are passionate about sight..
Your eyes will enjoy a unique experience every time you visit Best Optic.

  • Because Best Optic’s vision professionals make sure you get the best vision solution through a complete and comprehensive consultation!
  • Because we only prescribe on the basis of detailed investigations and we take time for your eyes, offering advice on the choice of frames and lenses.
  • Because every eye is unique, we measure each individual parameter of your eyes with the ZEISS iProfiler. The correlation between prescription, eye movement and the chosen spectacle frame is made with the help of ZEISS iTerminal 3D scanning technology. This is how we customize lenses for glasses that will help you enjoy clearer and more efficient vision!
  • Because you don’t have to stress about the quality, accuracy and fitting guarantee for your new pair of glasses. We have our own fitting lab with state-of-the-art computer technology.
  • Because we want you to enjoy healthy eyes, we team up with ophthalmologists, dedicated to the prevention and treatment of various pathologies with extensive expertise and experience, along with modern diagnostic solutions.
  • Because when you want more freedom of movement and an unrestricted field of vision, we offer contact lenses that fit your needs and lifestyle. We’ve been experts in the field of contactology for over 20 years and have prescribed and fitted contact lenses to over 7000 patients.
  • Because we offer tuition. We teach you how to wear contact lenses correctly at home and support you with ongoing assistance.
  • Because we are always up to date with the latest treatments for Keratoconus and Orthokeratology.

With a passion for sight,

Best Optic Team.

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