Happy eyes

Call your video a friend or a dear relative
The time we go through is a new experience for everyone. Its consequences have changed the way we interact, communicate, but especially the way we use our sight. Our eyes are exposed to computer screens to an extreme extent. Long meetings with colleagues, meetings with clients, courses, seminars have all moved to the virtual environment. At the end of the day we expect to quickly switch off our computer, tablet or phone.

But something remains unsatisfied…

The joy of relaxing with a loved one! A story over a glass of wine, tea with your best friends or with family members you haven’t seen for a long time saves you . Plus the joy of reunion will show in the happiness expressed in each other’s eyes. Interacting with them, even online, will bring back fond memories, seen through your eyes that were shining with happiness at the time.

Make your eyes happy!

Happiness is a state we choose to experience and is generated by our actions. The positive emotions generated by happiness remain in our hearts and minds. They can be the resources of happiness for other moments of boredom, sadness or apathy, when a simple image crosses your mind and your eyes smile again!

Make your eyes happy and spend time online with your loved ones.

Tips & tricks

  • Plan at least a few hours in advance for your date. That’s the only way it used to happen before the pandemic
  • Prepare the date!!! Order or prepare yourself some food, get your cups of tea, coffee or glasses of wine ready…full
  • You can connect your computer, tablet, phone to your TV. The picture will be even more real, so you’ll be even closer to the people you meet.
  • Dress as if you were going out.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy the company of your loved ones.
  • Organise at least two such meetings a week.
  • Happy eyes bring excitement and fond memories!

Coca Staicu,
coach certificat ACC


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