Culorile părului, ochilor și tenului cu ochelarii de vedere

The harmony between the colors of the eyes, the skin and the hair with eyeglasses

Eyeglasses have the role of vision correction and also an accessory role. The choice of eyeglasses should be made taking into account the color of the eyes, the skin and the hair, so that the harmony is complete. For a warm skin tones, the color of the glasses should be inspired by the color of fire, namely, bronze, cream, gold, peach, orange, beige. For cold shades-skin tones, the colors must be detached from those of the metals, namely, blue, gray, rose, jade, silver, charcoal, amethyst. For mature skin, in which case the skin begins to lose pigmentation and becomes lighter, the bright shades must be avoided. In this case, the shades of brick-red, red or purple are best suited.

Glasses should be matched with both hair and eyelashes colour, and so, for example, blue or green-eyed blondes can choose rimless glasses, their temples mounted directly on their lenses, thin metal frames, or pale, pastel colors. Brown-haired ladies can opt for photochromic lenses (lenses that darkens in the sun), which can blend marvelously with brown hair and eye shades. Green-eyed people can choose warmer or browner tones for frames. Brunettes should avoid eyeglasses with too thick and black frames that roughen the features, or if they wish, they may accentuate them. Instead, they can choose gold, silver or metallic gray tones.
For the most bold and nonconformist, black frames can complement the outfit, but only if they do not create the impression that they cover the intensity of the look.

Info-guide tips
When choosing eyeglasses, it is better to take into account more what is best fitted for our face features, more than what’s fashionable in that season, especially if the glasses have to be worn permanently.

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