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Glasses’ aesthetics and thin lenses

Glasses’ aesthetics and thin lenses

Lenses for eyeglasses / Glasses' aesthetics and thin lenses

We are currently witnessing the phenomenon in which eyeglasses have become more an accessory than a necessity. Today, we are looking for glasses to complement our physiognomy, to be in agreement with our personality and to be complimented by the people around us.


If frame makers have immediately aligned with new trends, bringing to market squares with increasingly diversified shapes and bold colors, what happens to eyeglass lenses?


Eyeglass lenses correct the optical error of the eyes based on the physical principle of light refraction. The lens power, or diopterism, is negative in the case of myopia, where the lenses will be thin at the center and thick at the edge and positive in the case of hypermetropia, where the lenses will be thin at the edge but thick at the center. Thus, the larger the diopter is, the longer the standard lens will be thicker, more unsightly and uncomfortable. The solution?


Thin lenses are a good choice when we want aesthetic, lighter and more comfortable glasses. These are lenses with a higher refractive index which have better light refraction compared to standard lenses, giving more clarity to the wearer. They are lighter because the amount of material used in making them is considerably smaller and thinner by providing aesthetic appearance and diminishing the effect of enlarged or diminished eyes.

To avoid distortions at the edges of large diopter lenses (even in the case of thin lenses), the lens can be processed at each point on its surface to obtain maximum comfort for the spectacle wearer.

The personalized solutions offered by our specialists, starting from the prescription for glasses, lifestyle-friendly lenses and frames, are designed to provide the perfect view that we all want, comfort, and not the ultimate glasses aesthetics, to complement the features of glasses wearers.

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