Best Optic Consultation

The Best Optic consultation

Glasses prescription is an act of great responsibility. Best Optic vision professionals make sure you get the best correction through a comprehensive consultation!

It’s often not enough to look at some letters and look into a device to know what is needed!

A correct and complete diagnosis is only possible if the optometrist takes all aspects into consideration!

Here are the 15 steps we go through in 25 minutes:

1. We need to know you and start with a discussion about the patient’s personal and medical history (anamnesis) in order to identify the need / visual cause for your consultation.
2. Evaluation of previous optical correction.
3. Visual examination (visual acuity) with / without optical correction (glasses).
4. Investigation of the anterior pole of the eye: eyelids, genes, conjunctiva, cornea, iris, pupil, crystalline, etc.
5. Check the eyepiece and segments with biomicroscope to evaluate lacrimal film and eventually diagnose dry eye syndrome.
6. Computerized Diopter Measurement: We have the most innovative and new technologies.
7. Manual diopter measurement: ski scans.
8. Testing of eye convergence and dominance.
9. Test chromatic sense to detect color perception deficiencies.
10. Measurement of intraocular pressure (tonometry): NON Contact-Screening for glaucoma (the first cause of blindness, worldwide).
11. Ophthalmoscopy – Screening of the eye and cataracts.
12. Binocular Vibration Test: Beyond the optical correction, we check the coincidence of the image in a single fixation point (Pola Test).
13. Digital determination of inter-pupil distance.
14. Prescription for correction of refractive error.
15. The visual correction solution according to your needs, activities, expectations and budget

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