Eyeglasses and face shape

When choosing our glasses, we need to keep in mind if we are going to wear them permanently or occasionally (in the office, at the computer, or according to current fashion trends), and we must pay close attention to face features, eyebrow line, hair, skin and eye color. In general, it is advisable that the shape of the frames to have the geometric line opposite to the shape of your face. For example, joining a square frame to a square physiognomy will only accentuate its features. Regardless of the shape of the face, the glasses frames should be chosen so, as when laughing, the cheeks do not lift the frames.

  • Round face: This type of face is best fitted with square or rectangular glasses with a slightly elongated shape, which will create the effect of stretching the face and draw attention to the upper part of it. For wider faces, thin-sunglasses are suited, and for a more delicate physiognomy, thicker frames can be chosen.
  • Square face: is the type of prominent cheekbones and jawbone physiognomy, to which the best fit are rounded or oval frames, to soften the features and draw attention to the forehead and the cheekbones. The type of “aviator” or “biker” glasses is the most appropriate, with small nose brigde to create de effect of smaller nose. An equally good choice would be the frames that do not have the contoured bottom, or rimless frames.
  • The heart-shaped face: the features of this type of face are easily recognizable, the cheekbones and possibly the forehead are more pronounced, and the jaw and chin slightly pronounced as a triangle with the tip down. We recommend eyeglass frames which are thin and round to minimize the wide forehead. The butterfly frame, wider at the bottom, or the rimeless are the right choice.
  • The diamond-shaped face: is a rare form, like a triangle with the tip up. In order not to accentuate the jaw line, are indicated frames with the upper part more pronounced, with raised tips towards the temples, rounded corners, and eventual decorations in the temples area to create a width effect in the temples area and to balance the face features.
  • The oval face: is the most advantageous due to good proportions. It fits all types of glasses frames.
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