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Looking at the world through contact lenses / What do we need to know about contact lenses?

Contact lenses are a practical and convenient option for eyeglass wearers, if they wish to give up occasionally or definitive wear of glasses. Millions of people are wearing contact lenses, despite the fact that we often do not realize this. Depending on our lifestyle, occupation, or hobbies, we each have unique requirements for our vision, and contact lenses are adapted to them.

Why contact lenses?

The major benefits of contact lenses are a broad and natural field of vision and an improved aesthetic appearance of the wearer. In many cases, contact lenses also offer better visual acuity.
Compared with eyeglasses, contact lenses offer better comfort in sports or relaxing activities, they do not fog, slip off the face, and do not get dirty. They also allow the wearing of any type of sunglasses or protection.

What is actually a contact lens?

It is a thin, curved lens that sits on the surface of the eye in front of the cornea. The lens is usually transparent, but often has a discreet blue color to make it easier to handle. Today’s contact lenses are either tough or soft. Most carriers choose soft lenses because they are more comfortable and easier to maintain.

Typically, contact lenses are a mean of correcting vision, but there are contact lenses that are purely cosmetic. These lenses are colored and can improve or change the hue of the eyes or may be special lenses used to hide certain defects of the eyeball.

Contact lenses and hygienic care

As contact lenses apply directly on the surface of the eye, it is imperative that we have a strictly hygienic program to avoid possible complications. Thus, lenses should be kept in special containers, cleaned with specific disinfecting solutions, replaced according to the manufacturer’s pre-set schedule, and most importantly, we must have proper hand hygiene when handling the lenses.

The contact lenses are of several types, so our specialists await you at Best Optic centers to recommend the ones best suited for you.

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