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Are you over 40 years old? Perfect! Freedom for your eyes with progressive lenses

Are you over 40 years old? Perfect! Freedom for your eyes with progressive lenses

Each person, with his or her age, begins to be dependent on the use of glasses for the near work. This can create discomfort especially when the person is already wearing eyeglasses for distances and normal activities such as driving, watching TV, shopping or reading a prescription of medicine becomes difficult because it requires the alternation of two pairs of glasses.

To eliminate this discomfort, the solution is progressive lenses. The progressive lens gives you a good view at a distance, close to, but also in the middle, due to a vertical diopter sequence similar to a degrade color. However, there is a wide variety of progressive lenses, suitable for each individual, depending on the type of activity carried out, but also on the budget and its expectations.

How do we choose the right type of lens?

At Best Optic, both optometrists and sales consultants will recommend products related to your activities and lifestyle. From the available portfolio you will be able to choose from the classic variants to the individual ones according to budget and expectations.

Technology and innovations in the field have today produced the lens at the highest level. If in the past lenses were manufactured in series and each wearer had to adapt to the same lens type, today the lenses are built according to the particularities of the wearer.

At the same time, adaptation with progressive lenses will also be influenced by choosing the right frame and meticulousness, and by going through all the steps involving technical parameters, both through classical methods and with state-of-the-art equipment.

At Best Optic, a young, enthusiastic team is waiting for you to offer the perfect solution for a great view.

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